Papi resettled in USA

Nearly 70,000 supporters continue to pressure the Australian Government to get refugees and asylum seekers trapped in offshore detention to safety. Last week, Vali Papi was one of many who have finally been resettled.

After being held offshore for more than 7 years, last week Papi boarded a plane with his family to be resettled in the United States.

Craig Foster and the Amnesty team met Papi when they were in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea last year. After seeking asylum in Australia, Papi was sent to Manus Island Detention Centre. When the High Court in Papua New Guinea ruled that the Detention Centre was illegal, Papi and many other refugees and asylum seekers were ultimately moved into community detention in Port Moresby.

While held offshore Papi met his partner and had a child, Cyrus. Cyrus suffers from multiple medical issues and he does not have access to the facilities required in Papua New Guinea to make sure he can lead a healthy and happy life.

Amnesty and many other organisations have worked tirelessly to secure Papi and his family permanent resettlement, and there are organisations on the ground in the United States ready to assist Papi in making sure Cyrus gets the help he needs.


When the #GameOver campaign began in November of 2019, 612 people were still detained offshore. Today that number is just over 300.

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We still have more than 300 people detained offshore. We need to keep building our movement and keep the pressure up. Head over the resources page to download your #GameOver Toolkit and find out how you can be involved.