Action on climate change has been lacking from our political leaders and now we are faced with the very real impacts of that inaction. The climate crisis is impacting human rights to life, health, livelihoods, housing, food, water, sanitation, among others - and disproportionately affects those who are already disadvantaged or facing discrimination.

Ask the Prime Minister to act now.

Write a Letter

1. Write your own letter or download one below and add your name and address
2. Seal your letter in an envelope with a $1.10 stamp and address it to:
Hon Scott Morrison MP
PO Box 6022
House of Representatives
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600
3. Post your letter - find your nearest post office or postbox here:

Send a Tweet

Make sure the Prime Minister hears you loud and clear! Send him a tweet now, asking him to take urgent action on climate change.