Amnesty WA's The Young & The Breathless

This winter, the WA Branch Committee are tackling the Perth City 2 Surf to raise funds for Amnesty International, running under the banner of Amnesty WA’s The Young & The Breathless. Team captains Aidan Yuen and Marsha Reid saw this as the perfect opportunity to combine their passions for running and human rights, which was too good to pass up.

“As activists we’re really passionate about human rights and social justice, whether it’s at the grassroots level or large scale international campaigns, and so we feel strongly about supporting the work that Amnesty does to ensure the rights of all individuals from all walks of life,” Marsha said.

“At the same time, we also enjoy the freedom to live healthy active lives in our communities, and so City 2 Surf enabled us to enjoy the best of both worlds,” Aidan noted. “So we’re looking forward to running for a great cause.”

By putting the “activ” in “activism”, Aidan and Marsha are not only hoping to raise funds, but also illustrate the multitude of ways in which activists can fundraise for Amnesty beyond the conventional bake sales or Amnes-tea events. In fact, City 2 Surf is the first of what will be a number of fun-runs over the coming year that Aidan and Marsha, with the support of the WA BC, will be participating in. Perhaps a full marathon is in their futures.

They are currently on track to meet their target, but they need your support! To help them in their mission, you can make a donation by clicking here. And if you’re on a shoestring – don’t worry! You can also support them by spreading the word with family and friends, and sharing their page on social media!

Better yet, you can sign up to run/walk alongside them! To register, please click here, and make sure you apply the following discount code to receive a 15% discount:


And just to jog your memory, this year’s event will be held on Sunday 26th August, with distances of 4k, 12k, 21k and 42k. For more information, please contact Aidan at wabranchtreasurer@amnesty. Please also feel free to share this with your fellow activists, volunteers and members – the more the merrier!!!