Come in and take a look around...

Welcome to the new Amnesty International Australia website – with some great new features and a fresh look. Amnesty, along with our partner Agency, have been working hard to build an activism tool that accurately represents our vision and our human rights work. And we are proud to unveil it in 2016.

Why the change?

While it was good to us, the old website (may it rest in peace) was older than a toddler, and just didn’t have the functionality we needed to achieve our ambitious human rights goals. We dreamed of a dynamic website that could grow with our supporter base. So we built it.

It’s a website that tells the story of our people-powered movement and the incredible campaign wins we’ve achieved. It provides flexible tools to help you take action for individuals more easily – and it’s an all-round great user-experience.

Some exciting new features

Apart from looking a whole lot better, our new website features:

  • The latest technology to make taking action for human rights easier. From pre-filled forms to a handy Facebook login option that automatically inputs your details.
  • New ways to take action, like localised petitions that target specific MPs by electorate, multiple-target email actions and a new ‘Tweet your MP‘ action.
  • A fully-responsive design that makes it easier to take action or donate on your mobile phone or tablet.
  • Your own account management hub, where you can manage the personal information you share with Amnesty and your communication preferences. You can even download a tax receipt for your donations at tax time.
  • Dynamic content capabilities so you will see more of the content that you care about most.

What you’re saying

“I just checked out your new website – marvellous! Congratulations and well done – here is to more successes on the back of it.”

Thomas Schultz, Senior Director of Communications and Campaigns, Amnesty International

“I’ve just got a text from Sonia at Oxfam. She said all the comms people are sending it to each other and are like ‘wow’.”

Belinda Lowe, Activism Growth and Development Coordinator, Amnesty International AUSTRALIA

“Just wanted to send huge congratulations on the launch of your new site! It looks fantastic, and I think that we could all learn a lot from the approach that you took. It’s clearly produced a really user-focused, dynamic site.”

Berry Cochrane, Digital Manager, Amnesty International UK