These successes belong to you

Thanks to people like you protecting the rights of others, injustices are being challenged every day. Here are just three examples of the incredible things we can achieve together.

Hakeem al-Araibi spent 76 days unjustly imprisoned in Thailand after speaking out about his experiences of torture in Bahrain. He was at risk of extradition back to the very place that had tortured him. Due to the incredible support of people like you, in February 2019 he was released and is now free and safe with his loved ones at home in Australia.

Men, women and children seeking asylum had been locked up in offshore detention. But a few months ago, under mounting pressure, the government finally removed all children from Nauru. Amnesty’s research into offshore detention, supported by people like you, made this possible.

We investigated and exposed human rights abuses against children in the Queensland government’s police watch houses. Thanks to people like you, we are now closer than ever to getting children as young as 10 out of Australian prisons, and the Queensland Government has now drafted a bill that will help ensure kids are no longer detained in police watch houses for lengthy periods.

Thank you!

Your support is helping to build a world where every person can live freely and safely.