Amnesty Groups

Do you have an Amnesty Group at your school, university or local community?

Amnesty Groups are a great way for young people to engage in important human rights education and activism. With the support of Amnesty, young people can learn, skill up and take action for human rights as an Amnesty Group.

If are interested in starting an Amnesty Club, or perhaps you already have one up & running but want addition guidance and support, let us know in the form at the bottom of this page!


HRE Resource

Franklin: Human Rights Education Resource for Year 9-10 Students!

Amnesty International Australia has partnered with the producers of Franklin to develop an ACARA-aligned human rights education resource for high school teachers complete with lesson plans, learning materials, assessment tools, and cross-curriculum connections… just in time for the 2024 school year!

Through an in-depth exploration of the Franklin River blockade and its impact on Australian society and environmental law, this resource aims to educate, empower, and inspire students to learn about the importance of the right to protest, the role of protest in Australia’s democracy, why it’s crucial to protect the civil and political right to protest, and the power of grassroots movements to effect change… just like the Franklin River protectors did!


Write 4 Rights

Our Young Activist's Guide to Write 4 Rights!

Are you interested in taking action in the Write 4 Rights Campaign but not sure where to start or what options you have? Don’t worry!

Our Young Activist’s Guide to Write 4 Rights outlines all the ways to get involved and has something for everyone!



Anytime, Amnesty Podcast

Anytime, Amnesty is a special four-part series from our Youth Advisory Group (YAG), that delves into human rights issues across the globe. Hosts, Fin Spalding and Anita Nair, bring you the stories of people who are on the front lines and also offer advice on how you can create change.

This podcast was recorded on the land of the Wurundjeri and Bunurong People of the Kulin Nation.

Listen to Anytime amnesty here!


Voices of Amnesty! Podcast

The Youth Leadership Committee undertake human rights projects, create activist resources for young people, organise conferences to connect young people and provide a youth lens to current Amnesty campaigns.

The YLC’s podcast: Voices of Amnesty!


“Throughout this podcast, we’ll have a look at a range of human rights issues through a younger, different lens by discussing and clarifying them with youth activists within the community.”

Listen to the ylc podcast: voices of amnesty here!

Teachers and Students

Human Rights Friendly Schools

Amnesty International supports schools and their wider communities in all regions of the world to build a global culture of human rights. Human Rights Friendly Schools aim to empower young people and promote the active participation of all members of the school community to integrate human rights values and principles into all areas of school life.


A Human Rights Friendly School places human rights at the heart of the learning experience and makes human rights an integral part of everyday school life. From the way decisions are made in schools, to the way people treat each other, to the curriculum and extra-curricular activities on offer, right down to the very surroundings in which students are taught, the school becomes an exemplary model for human rights education.

become a human rights friendly school


A Guide to Sustainable Activism & Self Care

How to perform Sustainable Activism & Self Care as a Youth Activist

Amnesty International recognises how vital wellbeing is to the long term sustainability of our movement and our ability to have impact.

We can avoid this burnout, or at least counter the effects, by preparing ourselves and having a plan. This is what we are going to cover here. How you can recognise when your activism is starting to take a toll. What you can do to make sure your activism is sustainable for as long as you wish to do it. That you can be resilient and enjoy what you do for a long time to come.

You can download our free guide here:



Our Wellbeing Workbook

Staying Resilient While Trying To Save The World (Volume 2): A Wellbeing Workbook For Youth Activists

Volume 2 in the Staying Resilient While Trying to Save the World series “A Well-Being Workbook for Youth Activists” was drafted together with youth activists and informed by realities faced by Amnesty International youth activists across the globe. We hope this workbook will support youth activists in their journey to strengthen their self-care and make us all recognise the need to look after each other as we stand up for human rights.

You can download the workbook below in English, Spanish or French

Download the wellbeing workbook


Level up your Activism with our Skill-Up Modules

Do you want your activism to have greater impact? Want to know how to run a great local campaign? Our training modules will help you develop skills that will not only make you a great activist but help you in other parts of your life.

ACCESs our free skill-up modules


Amnesty's Human Rights Academy

Learn more about various human rights issues through Amnesty’s Human Rights Academy! Help to strengthen our movement by participating in action-orientated education!



Do you want to start an Amnesty Group at your school, university or in your local community?

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