Students and young activists have always been at the front lines. Whether you are learning or teaching, here are some resources to help you take your activism to the next level.

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Human Rights Friendly Schools

Amnesty International supports schools and their wider communities in all regions of the world to build a global culture of human rights. Human Rights Friendly Schools aim to empower young people and promote the active participation of all members of the school community to integrate human rights values and principles into all areas of school life.


A Human Rights Friendly School places human rights at the heart of the learning experience and makes human rights an integral part of everyday school life. From the way decisions are made in schools, to the way people treat each other, to the curriculum and extra-curricular activities on offer, right down to the very surroundings in which students are taught, the school becomes an exemplary model for human rights education.

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Staying Resilient While Trying To Save The World (Volume 2): A Wellbeing Workbook For Youth Activists

Volume 2 in the Staying Resilient While Trying to Save the World series “A Well-Being Workbook for Youth Activists” was drafted together with youth activists and informed by realities faced by Amnesty International youth activists across the globe. We hope this workbook will support youth activists in their journey to strengthen their self-care and make us all recognise the need to look after each other as we stand up for human rights.

You can download the workbook below in English, Spanish or French

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Teachers and Students

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