Egyptian Women rally to support Muslims and Christians national unity at Tahrir Square © AP Photo / Maya Alleruzzo


Amnesty international responds immediately to human rights crises as they occur and works tirelessly to prevent situations reaching crisis point. Here in Australia our focus is on human rights in Asia Pacific - monitoring potential crisis situations and ensuring that our staff, supporters and the wider community are informed, engaged and ready to act.

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Egypt: Are human rights abuses worse than ever?

After what seemed like a successful uprising, is Egypt worse than ever?

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Human rights organisations call for an overhaul to government campaigning to end death penalty

Human rights organisations call for Australian Government to change how it campaigns against the death penalty.

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Submission on the Australian Citizenship Amendment (Allegiance to Australia) Bill 2015

Amnesty submits submission to the Joint Parliamentary Committee on Intelligence and Security’s Inquiry into the Australian Citizenship Amendment Bill 2015.

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