Egyptian Women rally to support Muslims and Christians national unity at Tahrir Square © AP Photo / Maya Alleruzzo


Amnesty international responds immediately to human rights crises as they occur and works tirelessly to prevent situations reaching crisis point. Here in Australia our focus is on human rights in Asia Pacific - monitoring potential crisis situations and ensuring that our staff, supporters and the wider community are informed, engaged and ready to act.

Final months of the Sri Lankan civil war © Private

Sri Lanka’s climate of fear and how it can change

For too long, Sri Lanka has gotten away with committing grave human rights abuses and tolerating systematic violations of its people.


UN ramps up scrutiny of North Korea’s catastrophic human rights record

The United Nations has established a Commission of Inquiry.

Civilians in Aleppo © AFP

Syria: as Aleppo rages, civilians suffer

We shot alarming video footage of families living amidst the bombings, executions and other atrocities during our latest fact-finding mission to Aleppo, Syria.

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