Egyptian Women rally to support Muslims and Christians national unity at Tahrir Square © AP Photo / Maya Alleruzzo


We respond immediately to human rights crises as they occur and work tirelessly to prevent situations reaching crisis point. In Australia our focus is on human rights in Asia Pacific which involves monitoring potential crisis situations and ensuring that our staff, supporters and the wider community are informed, engaged and ready to act.

Syrian civilians examining damage from airstrikes in the town of Darat Izza © REUTERS / Ammar Abdullah

Not caring about Syria is no longer an option

Zulma Schubert explains why we need to take a strong stance for Syrians and show that Australia really does care.

A child recovers in hospital after being wounded by a sniper in northwestern Syria © Flickr / Freedom House

Syria: the two-minute version

Amnesty’s Diana Sayed sheds light on how world leaders can help put an end to the suffering in Syria.

© Getty Images / Yasin Akgul

About our Safety for Syrians campaign

As the Syrian conflict enters its sixth year, we know that with your support we can make a difference to the lives of those men, women and children living in fear.

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