Egyptian Women rally to support Muslims and Christians national unity at Tahrir Square © AP Photo / Maya Alleruzzo


Amnesty international responds immediately to human rights crises as they occur and works tirelessly to prevent situations reaching crisis point. Here in Australia our focus is on human rights in Asia Pacific - monitoring potential crisis situations and ensuring that our staff, supporters and the wider community are informed, engaged and ready to act.

Young women and girls in Paraguay can be denied life-saving treatment under restrictive abortion laws.

Act now: Help a pregnant 10-year-old girl

Paraguayan authorities deny raped 10-year-old girl abortion. They must be freed unconditionally and all charges quashed.


Act now: Demand the charges against Al jazeera staff be dropped

These men should never have been imprisoned.

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Human rights organisations call for an overhaul to government campaigning to end death penalty

A group of leading Australian and international human rights organisations are calling for an overhaul to the way the Australian government campaigns to end the death penalty, today launching a new strategy document: ‘Australian Government and the Death Penalty: A Way Forward’.

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