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Enforced disappearances continue around the world

28 August 2015
The use of enforced disappearance by governments to silence its critics continues around the world.

A young mother crosses the border from Syria with her one-month old son, Hamid. © Flickr / UNHCR Photo Unit

Greece: Chaos and squalid conditions face record number of refugees

25 August 2015
Refugees and migrants face dreadful conditions on the Greek island of Lesvos.

A hangman's noose © José Eduardo Ayala Britez

Amnesty applauds action to end the death penalty

21 August 2015
Australian Parliament to consider ways of working towards the global abolition of the death penalty.

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A still of a pixelated face from #unfollowme video © Amnesty International

How governments are using spyware to attack free speech

24 August 2015
A security expert explains how governments are using malicious computer code to spy on journalists and human rights activists.

Donatella at a press conference during the launch of our 2014/15 annual report © Amnesty International / Richard Burton

Crisis response: running towards danger

19 August 2015
Most of us learn from an early age to run from danger. Amnesty's Donatella Rovera has an instinct to run towards it.

Photo of a girl in profile © Flickr / Stefano Corso

Lucky to be alive after rape and childhood pregnancy

17 August 2015
An 11-year-old girl denied an abortion by Paraguayan authorities has given birth.

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Pardoned Nigerian torture victim, Moses Akatugba. © Private

Good news: Nigerian torture survivor Moses Akatugba officially pardoned

30 May 2015
Moses 'overwhelmed' by global campaign to spare his life.

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