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More than 150 Sri Lankan asylum seekers will wait in detention to return home © Flickr / Johanan Ottensooser

Asylum seekers suffer: ocean imprisonment to desert detention

25 July 2014
157 asylum seekers moved to a poorly equipped detention centre in the desert.

Victims of disappearance during Indonesian occupation of Timor-Leste deserve justice.

Australia: Stopping the boats and letting them languish at sea

17 July 2014
153 people now entering third week in windowless rooms on board boat.

The 10th anniversary memorial at a house in Timor-Leste where 12 people were killed by pro-Indonesian militias on in 1999 © Nug Ka

Time to establish fate of Timor-Leste/Indonesia disappeared

15 July 2014
Victims of disappearance during Indonesian occupation of Timor-Leste deserve justice.

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Facebook logo with red cross to indicate it has been banned

The great social media crackdown

29 July 2014
Could you get around the Great Firewall of China?

Five-year-old Mona Abu Shanab stands amid rubble in her destroyed home after rocket fire in northeastern Gaza City, 16 January 2014 © EPA/MOHAMMED SABER

Gaza: the two-minute version

25 July 2014
As the violence and bloodshed in Gaza continues, we shed light on what is happening and why.

Mothers in the Chiefdom of Masungbala in Sierra Leone are adamant that their daughters shouldn't suffer female genital mutilation © Flickr / John Atherton

Communities in Sierra Leone reject female genital mutilation

23 July 2014
Communities are taking an innovative approach towards ending the brutal practice.

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RDA: Info and letter writing evening

Where: Sandringham, VIC
When: Tuesday 22 July, 7 pm

Film screening: Utopia

Where: Adelaide, SA
When: Thursday 24 July, 6 pm


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When: Monday 28 July, 6–9 pm

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Li Yan © Private

Good news: Death sentence overturned in China

Chinese authorities have overturned the death sentence of a woman convicted of killing her abusive husband.

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