Banjo Morton Petyarr © Rusty StewartBanjo Morton Petyarr © Rusty Stewart

Indigenous Peoples' Rights

Amnesty International is committed to ensuring the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples’ is implemented locally and nationally through legislation, policies and programs.

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Red ochre. © Richard Wainwright / AI

Community is Everything: Eugene’s story

Noongar Elder Eugene Eades discusses his community-led program for Indigenous kids.

21-year-old Derek. © Ingetje Tadros / AI

Community is everything: Derek’s story

Derek, now 21, lives in an Aboriginal community in the Kimberley region, north-west of Australia. He's benefited from cultural, community-led solutions for keeping kids out of detention.

Indigenous youth in Broome, Western Australia. © Ingetje Tadros / AIImage: © Ingetje Tadros/AI

A brighter tomorrow for Indigenous kids

Kids have healthy, happy childhoods when they live in loving and nurturing communities. Here's what the Australian Government needs to do ensure Indigenous kids have the best chance for a brighter tomorrow.

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