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30 Nov 2015
08:27 AM

Blueprint for change on Indigenous incarceration and violence rates

The Change the Record Coalition has met in Canberra to launch its ‘Blueprint for Change’.

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28 Nov 2015
07:13 AM

China: Harsh prison sentences against Guo Feixiong and two other activists

The six-year prison sentence against leading Chinese human rights campaigner Guo Feixiong for his peaceful advocacy of human rights and political reforms is a clear-cut act of political persecution, and he and two other activists must be immediately and unconditionally released.

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25 Nov 2015
09:05 AM

Crackdown on dissent in Democratic Republic of Congo

Activists and politicians who speak out against the Democratic Republic of Congo’s President Joseph Kabila are subjected to arbitrary arrest.

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24 Nov 2015
10:41 AM

Malaysia must now act on death penalty reforms

Imminent reforms to Malaysia's mandatory death penalty laws is a positive step towards full abolition. Malaysia must impose moratorium on all executions until the reforms conclude.

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24 Nov 2015
10:04 AM

Pakistan to hit shameful milestone of 300 executions

Pakistan will imminently have executed 300 people since it lifted a moratorium on executions, shamefully sealing its place among the world’s worst executioners.

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20 Nov 2015
08:47 AM

Balkans border blocks leave thousands discriminated against and stranded in Greece

New border control rules implemented almost simultaneously by the governments of Macedonia, Serbia and Croatia have resulted in large-scale renewed human rights violations.

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20 Nov 2015
08:37 AM

Israel/OPT: All deliberate attacks on civilians reprehensible and unjustified

There can be no justification for a spate of deliberate deadly attacks by Palestinians on civilians over the past week in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories which displayed a clear contempt for human life.

18 Nov 2015
13:25 PM

ICC must be strengthened, not undermined

States must reject proposals that may interfere with or undermine the independence of the International Criminal Court (ICC), and take concrete measures to strengthen its ability to deliver justice to victims of international crimes.

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17 Nov 2015
11:11 AM

Refugee crisis and freedom of expression must be tackled at ASEAN Summit

Leaders meeting this week in Malaysia must urgently coordinate a plan to help the thousands of asylum seekers and migrants from Myanmar and Bangladesh who are forced to risk abuse and death at sea.

17 Nov 2015
10:56 AM

Refugees endangered and dying due to EU’s reliance on fences and gatekeepers

In the wake of last Friday’s atrocious attacks on Paris the European Union (EU) must resist the urge to further seal off its external borders, which would continue to fuel a range of human rights abuses while doing nothing to enhance security or halt the influx of desperate refugees.

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