A close up of the Amnesty International flag someone is waving as part of a protest.

5 actions for human rights you can take this holiday period

Rights belong to every one of us – but they are abused and denied every single day. From across the globe into our own backyard, our human rights are under threat.

This can feel really overwhelming, and at times, hopeless. But when this happens, we search out the facts. We expose what’s happening on the ground. And we rally people together to pressure governments and those in power to respect our human rights. Here are 5 cases you can take action for now:

Iran: take action for protesters in Iran at risk of execution

Right now, protesters in Iran are at risk of execution, including children. At least 6 people have already been sentenced to death in sham trials.

Iran is seeking the death penalty against at least 28 people, because they stood up and joined protests against the government.

Those at risk of execution include a married couple, three 17-year-old boys and Toomaj Salehi, a dissident rapper on trial because of his music and social media posts calling for freedom and human rights. They have all been denied fair trials, several defendants were tortured and their torture-tainted “confessions” were used as evidence in their trials.

State media have even broadcast these forced “confessions.” Amnesty believes that the Iranian authorities are using the death penalty to instill fear in the people of Iran and stop them joining the protests. No one should face execution for standing up for human rights. Take action and call on Iran to release those at risk of execution, as well as those who have been sentenced to death.

Australia: raise the refugee and humanitarian intake

There are currently more than 100 million people displaced around the world today. Despite this, Australia’s annual intake of refugees through the Refugee and Humanitarian Program is at its lowest level in 45 years. This means that as people from Ukraine, Afghanistan and Myanmar flee their homes and everything they have ever known, Australia is turning its back.

The new Albanese Government must increase the annual Refugee and Humanitarian Program to at least 30,000 places – prioritising people selected by the United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees, as well as ensuring their promised reforms to the Community Sponsorship Program.

Global: take action for 10 human rights defenders in one click

Write for Rights brings millions of compassionate people together around the world – because when we challenge injustice, we change lives. Right now these individuals urgently need your help. By signing your name once, you’re helping change the lives of people at risk all over the world!

Australia: help drive government funding for justice that works

When a child comes into contact with the criminal justice system they enter a never-ending cycle of trauma, harm and violence. This shameful reality is even greater for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, who are 26 times more likely than their peers to be incarcerated. So what’s the alternative?

It’s called justice reinvestment.

Justice reinvestment is led by the community, for the community. Instead of failed punitive approaches, justice reinvestment is evidence-based. It embraces therapeutic and rehabilitative methods like diversion programs that address the underlying causes of problematic behaviour in children, in order to improve it – diverting them away from the criminal justice system.

Sign the petition calling on the government to stop playing politics with the lives of our children, and start investing in justice that works now.

Australia: call for the end to the crackdown on peaceful protest in NSW

In recent years, New South Wales police have cracked down on peaceful protests. They have used disproportionate and unnecessary force against peaceful protesters and imposed punitive bail conditions that amount to sentences without judge or jury.

Emboldened by recent anti-protest laws passed by the NSW parliament, this crackdown is restricting everyone’s rights to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly.

Now, more than ever, we need to protect our right to peaceful protest. History has shown us that protest is powerful. When passionate and courageous people take action, they make the world a better place.

Amnesty International is a global movement of 10 million people standing up for justice, freedom and equality. Together, our voices challenge injustice and are powerful enough to change the world. Find out more about what we do, our impact and our current campaign cases.