UPDATE 18/07/18: In the lead up to the Cambodian elections on 29 July, the world will be watching Prime Minister Hun Sen and the Cambodian authorities. The Cambodian authorities have previously responded to pressure by releasing prisoners. Now is time to pressure the authorities to release Sam Sokha – take action now.

Labour rights activist and former garment worker, Sam Sokha, fled persecution in Cambodia but was forcibly returned. Now she’s in prison.

Her ‘crime’? Throwing a sandal. At a billboard put up by the ruling party. Twice.

Peaceful political activism is not a crime – call for Sam Sokha’s immediate and unconditional release.

After her ‘sandal-throwing video’ gained traction on social media, Sam Sokha faced threats from supporters of Cambodia’s ruling party, so she fled to Thailand.

But despite being recognised as a refugee by the United Nations Refugee Agency, the Thai authorities forcibly returned her to Cambodia.

The Cambodian authorities convicted Sam Sokha in absentia for “incitement” for her peaceful political activism, and sentenced her to over two years imprisonment plus a fine.

Cambodia has seen an increase in the number of arrests, detentions and wrongful imprisonment of activists and human rights defenders in the lead up to the July 2018 General Elections.

Join us in calling on the Cambodian authorities to immediately and unconditionally release Sam Sokha.

Thank you!

UPDATE 01/08/18: This action is now closed so that we can present all your names as a petition to the Cambodian authorities post general election. Thank you to the 10,000 people who took action.

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Cambodia’s Ambassador to Australia
His Excellency Mr. Kuong Koy

Minister of the Interior and Deputy Prime Minister
His Excellency Sar Kheng

Prime Minister
His Excellency Samdech Hun Sen

Your Excellency

Sam Sokha, labour activists and UNHCR recognised refugee, has been sentenced to over two years in prison and a fine after being forcibly returned to Cambodia for Thailand.

I call on you to immediately and unconditionally release Sam Sokha, and overturn her conviction and prison sentence, as they are based solely on her peaceful exercise of her right to freedom of expression.

Pending her release, please ensure that she has regular, unrestricted access to her family, lawyers of her choice, and independent medical treatment, also due to the time spent in poor prison conditions at Suan Phlu IDC.

Activists, human rights defenders, journalists, academics and members of the political opposition must be able to peacefully exercise their human rights without fear of punishment, reprisal or intimidation.  

Yours sincerely

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