In 2013 when he was just a child, Loghman Sawari fled Iran only to be unlawfully detained on Manus Island where he faced unrelenting persecution and abuse.

Australian Government’s solution to the refugee crisis is to trap vulnerable people seeking safety on Manus Island or Nauru. The living conditions on these islands are hopeless. Movement is restricted, there’s inadequate medical care, and violent assaults continue to be reported.

Loghman recounts being assaulted by a guard, being imprisoned without charge and being forced to leave his work due to immense discrimination. Desperate to escape this hopelessness, he decided to flee yet again.

He flew to Fiji, reportedly using false documents. Once there, Fiji officials gave assurances that he’d be able to access asylum, but was quickly intercepted and deported back to PNG where he was held for 30 hours without any contact with his lawyer.

Loghman was charged with using false documents and could face a hefty fine as well as six months imprisonment.

Fleeing danger and seeking safety is a human right and is legal, even if false documents are used.

Loghman has been released on bail, but he’s suffered for so long that fears are rising for his safety as he awaits his sentence.

Join our call on the PNG High Commissioner to demand that the charges are dropped immediately. Urge him to do everything in his power to ensure Loghman’s protection and resettlement in Australia or another safe country.

To maximise our impact at this critical time, we’ll also be send your names to the PNG Prime Minister and Minister for Immigration demanding freedom and safety.

UPDATE 06/04/17: Loghman has been detained at Waigani Police cells under new charges under the Migration Act. His next court date is scheduled for 18 April. Please keep taking action to secure his freedom.

Thank you!

UPDATE 08/12/17: This action is now closed. All charges against Loghman have been dropped. Amnesty continues to monitor his case.

Thank you to the 13,000 people who took action.

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Email PNG authorities

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Your Excellency,

I am very concerned for Loghman Sawari, an Iranian refugee facing criminal charges in Papua New Guinea for allegedly using false information to obtain a passport to seek asylum in Fiji.

I call on you to immediately and unconditionally release Loghman and drop all charges against him.

Please also ensure that Loghman Sawari receives appropriate medical care, psychological support and that his essential needs for food and adequate housing are met.

Ultimately, I would like to see Loghman Sawari settled in Australia, or at least enable and facilitate resettlement in an appropriate third country.

Yours sincerely,

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