For the past nine months, Aser Mohamed – a 14-year-old school boy in Egypt – has been trapped in a nightmare after armed police ripped him away from his family and subjected him to horrific torture.

In January 2016, officers raided Aser’s family home without a warrant and took him away to a secret location. His family were told that he’d be back after a couple of hours, but he didn’t return. For the next 34 days, officers tortured Aser and subjected him to inhumane conditions, while denying that he was even in their custody.

Authorities accused Aser of being involved with the banned Muslim Brotherhood group and participating in a hotel attack. Officers used electric shocks and dislocated his shoulder by suspending Aser by his limbs until he confessed to crimes he says he didn’t commit. Aser was then refused medical treatment for his injuries.

Now on the back of this ‘confession’, Aser faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted when he fronts court in October. He’s only 14 years old.

Aser is afraid to even retract the confession after the prosecutor threatened him with more torture if he did.

Egyptian authorities are using enforced disappearances to prevent peaceful opposition. The numbers are rising with at least three people vanishing every day across the country. Demand an end to this terrible injustice.

Aser is now locked up in shocking conditions while he awaits his trial. Don’t let the authorities use this ‘confession’ to take away Aser’s hopes for a bright future.

Join our call by emailing the Egyptian authorities, demanding Aser’s safe return to his family immediately.

UPDATE 22/02/17: Aser’s hearing went ahead on 15 February and next court session is on 7 March to continue hearing the witnesses. Please keep taking action during this critical time.

Thank you!

UPDATE 08/12/17: This action is now closed. Amnesty is monitoring Aser’s case as it makes its way through the courts.

Thank you to the 34,000 people who took action for Aser over the past year.

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Your Excellency,

I am extremely concerned for the welfare of 14-year-old school boy Aser Mohamed, who was subjected to enforced disappearance for 34 days. The boy claims that he was tortured and ill-treated to confess to offences he did not commit. He is at risk of an unfair trial based on his “confessions” obtained under torture.

I call on you to release Aser Mohamed immediately as his detention is unlawful. And in the meantime, allow him full access to his lawyer, medical assistance and family.

Egypt must end all ill-treatment of Aser Mohamed and to bring all those responsible for torture and other ill-treatment to justice in fair trials.

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