Arash Sadeghi has been in prison in Iran since 2016 solely for his peaceful human rights work, including speaking out in the media and communicating with Amnesty International.

Now, he is in urgent need of lifesaving medical tests for a rare form of bone cancer but the Iranian prison authorities are denying him the care he needs.

After months of untreated pain in his elbow and shoulders, Arash was finally sent for tests but couldn’t get any answers from his doctors. Eventually, he got hold of his medical file and discovered that doctors had diagnosed a tumor in his elbow and advised that he be immediately tested for a rare form of bone cancer.

But the Iranian authorities are going against doctor’s orders and refusing to transfer Arash to the Cancer Institute where he can undergo these critical tests. His family have appealed to the Prosecutor’s Office in Tehran to authorise his transfer but it has been denied.

Arash’s life is hanging in the balance – medical staff are saying that “time is of the essence.” Please, tell the Iranian authorities to release Arash immediately and ensure he gets the specialised medical care he needs.

Thank you!

UPDATE 25/09/18: This is now closed in order to send the actions to the Iranian authorities. Thank you to the over 11,000 people who took action for Arash.

Please take action for Arash’s wife Golrokh, who imprisoned in Iran simply for writing a story.

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Prosecutor General of Tehran, Abbas Ja’fari Dolat Abadi

Head of Raja’i Shahr Prison, Mostafa Ziayee

Dear Prosecutor General of Tehran, Abbas Ja’fari Dolat Abadi and Head of Raja’i Shahr Prison, Mostafa Ziayee,

I ask that you release Arash Sadeghi immediately and unconditionally, as he is imprisoned solely for peacefully exercising his rights to freedom of expression, association and assembly through his human rights work.

Please immediately provide Arash with the specialised medical care he needs outside prison, including cancer screening and treatment, while ensuring his rights to informed consent, confidentiality, privacy and full access to his medical file.

Please also protect him from further ill-treatment, including through the denial of adequate medical care. Investigate those responsible for persistently denying him medical care and bring them to justice in proceedings that meet international fair trial standards.

Yours sincerely,

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