Conversion practices are formal and informal practices that are based on the claim that LGBTQA+ people have a disorder and require treatment.

Sometimes they are told that they are ‘broken’. The conversion movement makes pseudoscientific claims that these practices can change people’s sexual orientation and gender identity. 10% of LGBTQA+ Australians are at risk of conversion practices. For decades, conversion practices have been responsible for causing irreparable harm to LGBTQA+ people.

Thanks to the advocacy of survivors and allies, LGBTQA+ Victorians are now protected from these harmful practices. Victoria’s world-leading legislation came into effect in February this year. It is based on the most comprehensive research, and informed by the most prominent survivor groups in the world. The expertise that went into building Victoria’s evidence-based legislation has since been sought out by governments, advocates and researchers around the world – including in Canada, New Zealand, the UK, Germany, Indonesia, South Africa, Lebanon, Kenya and Nigeria.

Victoria’s ground-breaking legislation includes the establishment of the ‘Civil Response Scheme’ – developed to investigate, educate and mediate support. This enables legislation to address conversion ideology and practices in a fair and equitable way.

South Australian and Western Australian state governments have committed to ending conversion practices. Now, it’s crucial that the laws they pass effectively protect LGBTQA+ people and survivors from the harm that conversion practices cause.

Call on the governments of SA and WA to ban conversion practices by emulating Victoria’s world-leading evidence based laws, including the creation of a sufficiently resourced body with powers of education, investigation and research.