The inauguration of the Biden administration can mark more than just the beginning of Joe Biden’s presidency, let’s make it mark the moment that human rights became at the forefront of all domestic and foreign policies.

Amnesty International calls on the Biden administration to adopt a bold, transformational strategy that makes human rights a priority. Strengthening human rights for all in 2021 – in the US and around the world is the roadmap to doing exactly that.

Our recommendations range from releasing people in immigration detention, to requiring federal law enforcement to reserve deadly force as a last resort. From ending U.S. arms sales that fuel war crimes abroad, to building a humanitarian protection system that addresses the needs of people at the U.S. border – as well as those seeking safety around the world.

The closeness of the relationship between Australia and the U.S. is important to both Joe Biden and Prime Minister Scott Morrison, and they will need to work closely together in the coming years. Prime Minister Morrison can kick this relationship off by picking up the phone and asking Biden to prioritise human rights.

Please call the Prime Minister and ask him to urge President-elect Joe Biden to put human rights at the centre of his administration.