Great news! Thanks to you, The Prohibiting Items Bill – which would allow private security contractors to confiscate mobile phones from refugees and asylum seekers – has been removed from the Senate schedule. The pressure you have applied means the Government now knows it does not currently have the support from the Senate crossbench.

Thank you to everyone who took action. Key members of the Senate crossbench are showing incredible humanity and compassion through acknowledging the human rights of those the Government has detained. From the phone calls you made, to the countless submissions made by organisations calling for this Bill to be voted down. They heard us – but it’s not over yet.

It’s crucial we keep up the pressure. The Government could still bring forward the Bill this week, and regardless, will likely try again the next time Parliament sits in October.

Peter Dutton’s office contacted Amnesty and asked us to tell you to stop calling him about this Bill. We’ve got a message for him: “We’ll stop calling when the Bill is withdrawn”.

Take action today and tell Peter Dutton that you won’t stop until the Government withdraws the Bill to take mobile phones away from refugees and asylum seekers.