UPDATE 26/07/18: More than 1,000 days after Wang Quanzhang went missing, his family received confirmation that he is still alive, and he was finally able to see a lawyer of his own choice.

Human rights lawyer Wang Quanzhang has been detained by the Chinese Government since August 2015.

Five-year-old Quanquan believes his dad is a superhero out saving the world.

Locked up for bravely defending the rights of China’s most vulnerable people, Wang Quanzhang hasn’t seen his wife and son for over two years.

Will you help bring Wang Quanzhang home?

Thank you!

UPDATE 28/09/18: Thank you to everyone who took action – this action is now closed. More than 1,000 days after he went missing, Wang Quanzhang’s family has recieved confirmation that he is alive. Amnesty International will continue to monitor his case.

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Minister of Public Security
Minister Zhao Kezhi

China’s Ambassador to Australia
His Excellency Mr Jingye Cheng

Dear Minister/Your Excellency

I am writing to call your attention to the case of Wang Quanzhang, a human rights lawyer who has defended religious practitioners and social activists. He has been held in detention since August 2015.

Wang Quanzhang should not be detained at all. I ask that you facilite his immediate and unconditional release.  In July 2018 Wang Quanzhang was finally allowed to see a lawyer of his choice, I ask you ensure that he also has access to his family.

Yours sincerely

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