Photojournalist Shawkan is facing the death penalty. His crime? He took photos of the police violence that killed hundreds of people at a protest in Cairo’s streets, in August 2013.

Please join over half a million people in calling for Shawkan’s release.

Shawkan has now been in prison for nearly five years. While the last five years have been devastating for Shawkan and his family, you’ve given them hope. They’ve heard about the hundreds of thousands of supporters lobbying tirelessly for Shawkan’s release – penning tens of thousands of letters, attending protests and vigils, and calling Egyptian embassies on his behalf.

When Egypt imprisoned Australian journalist Peter Greste in 2013, thousands of Amnesty supporters demanded justice. And together we helped get Peter Greste free and back to Australia.

It proves that together we can make a difference.

Act now – tell the Egyptian authorities to free Shawkan.

Thank you!

UPDATE 11/09/18: Shawkan, who was sentenced to five years on Sunday – a period he has already spent behind bars – is expected to walk free soon! We are therefore closing this action.

Thank you to the 23,000 people who took this action, and to the hundreds of thousands of Amnesty supporters who have called for Shawkan’s release since he was detained.

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Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, President

Your Excellency,

I urge you to to drop all charges against Mahmoud Abu Zeid, and to release him immediately and unconditionally.

The prosecution has not provided sufficient evidence to establish a connection that Mahmoud Abu Zeid is responsible for the offences with which he is charged. He is a prisoner of conscience, who has been detained solely for exercising his right to freedom of expression.

Mahmoud Abu Zeid has been detained for 5 years, an illegal length according to Article 143 of Egypt’s Code of Criminal Procedures.

I also call on you to protect Mahmoud Abu Zeid from torture and other ill-treatment, pending his release, and provide him with any healthcare he may require.

Please order an independent investigation into allegations that he has been tortured or otherwise ill-treated while in custody, and bring those responsible to justice in fair trials without recourse to the death penalty.

Yours sincerely,

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