Email your senators now and tell them to vote against the cruel Entry Ban and Deportation Bill

The Migration Amendment (Removal and Other Measures) Bill 2024 will be voted on in the senate in late June, a cruel bill likened to Donald Trump’s 2017 ‘Muslim ban’ policy. The Bill has already passed the lower house, with concerns raised by both the Coalition and the Greens. It is critical that we stop this cruel Entry Ban and Deportation Bill passing the senate.

A number of the elements of this rushed and poorly considered Bill risk putting Australia in breach of its international human rights obligations, including; the unfair criminalisation of refugees, the unprecidented ability of the Minister to arbitrarily reverse a protection finding and the discriminatory forced return to countries where refufgees could face state violence, unjust persecution and the death penalty.

Can you tell your senators to vote against this clearly discriminatory, cruel and flawed bill?