“This judgment has failed my hopes to hold the Government accountable for what they did to us in those hotel prisons.”

Last July, Moz took the Australian Government to court to seek justice for his human rights, and challenge key aspects relating to the lawfulness of Australia’s offshore detention regime. It took the Federal Court nearly a year to come to a decision, but on the 6th of July 2023, the Court ruled against Moz.

To fight back in the face of such oppression, takes great courage. The Australian Government robbed Moz of 8 years of his life – but they failed to break his spirit. We must all stand with Moz in his fight for justice.

Sam Klintworth, Amnesty International Australia’s National Director, said: “Moz is among thousands of recognised refugees and people seeking asylum who have suffered under our government’s policy of spending billions of dollars to hold vulnerable people in immigration detention centres – here in Australia and offshore – for no purpose except to discourage them, and others, from exercising their right to seek refuge and safety here.”

“These policies harm people profoundly, and shame us all as Australians. We must see a coherent and humane plan for the future of people recognised as refugees, including permanent changes under the Migration Act to ensure this never happens again.”

We must now put pressure on the Australian Government to pass legislation that would make the continued use of APODs for the long-term detention of refugees and people seeking asylum unlawful.

Act now by sending your local political representative an email, asking them to put pressure on the government to change the Migration Act.

We must do this for Moz. We must do this for everyone that has suffered under an inhumane policy.