Activist SkillSHARE: 5 workshops in making change

The Amnesty International WA SkillSHARE for 2018 brought activists together for training sessions in ally-ship, values and frames, and shared conversations about their vision for the region. Our volunteer training team share their insights into the day.

Jasmine Ruscoe

“These days never fail to inspire me as I see the value and the power of our community at its fullest when we work together. I was particularly pleased with the Allyship and Inclusive Language session and how well it was received. I feel that it is important that we learn how to engage with and support Rights Holders in significant but appropriate ways. I was also very excited to try out the new experimental workshops that were designed to create a dialogue around the values of Amnesty, our community, and our work. I look forward to seeing how our results shape the future of Amnesty WA!”

Brendan Cooper

“The best part of the day for me was the amount of meaningful connections that were made. It was inspiring to witness so many people sharing stories, ideas, tips, and their visions for the future. Listening to everyone discuss what they wanted to achieve and how they planned to turn their visions into reality left me feeling energised and more motivated than ever to make sure that we, the Training Team, are working hard to support and empower everyone in the Amnesty community to be the best and baddest activists they can be”

Chloe Trotter

“This was my first SkillSHARE and it was filled with enthusiasm. I am new to the training team and being involved in this event made me feel proud. The best part of the day for me was that everyone played both roles, trainers and trainees at the same time. Newcomers such as myself appreciated some valuable tips and useful tactics and the experienced activists were highly motivated by fellow activists. I loved being part of the networking that happened over lunch and hearing everyone’s thoughts and ideas for campaigns and actions. It was so positive and inspiring. The success of this event made me feel extremely enthusiastic and excited for the future!”

We couldn’t do a day like this without the input and enthusiasm of all the activists involved who come deliver sessions and participate. Everyone’s willingness to share their knowledge and support each others activism is what makes us the amazing community we are. There was a real buzz in the room at this SkillSHARE and to us that means all our hard work paid off!

We have plenty more exciting workshops lined up too – some of which will be based on activists’ own suggestions from the SkillSHARE! – so keep your eyes peeled! We look forward to seeing you at a training very soon

Jasmine, Brendan and Chloe are responsible for planning developing and implementing WA’s training program. This team of volunteers build a stronger and more skilled community of activists. A key part of their role is coordinating and delivering the biannual SkillSHAREs in the region.