Letter to Prime Minister Scott Morrison on the Afghanistan Crisis: It's time for Australia to step up, not step down

Following the explosions in the Afghan capital Kabul overnight, Amnesty International is calling on Prime Minister Scott Morrison to redouble Australia’s resettlement efforts for the people of Afghanistan or risk an unforgivable betrayal.

The Australian Government’s decision to cease all military efforts to evacuate remaining Australian citizens and visa holders is of enormous concern. These developments make it more critical than ever that the Australian Government steps up its efforts to evacuate all those still trapped in Afghanistan desperate to flee the Taliban.

Australia has still failed to commit any additional places to its existing humanitarian intake of refugees, announcing only that 3,000 places in its current intake will be put aside for Afghans fleeing the Taliban. This is wholly insufficient. Like-minded countries such as the US, Canada and the UK have offered so much more, and at a minimum, Australia should be offering 20,000 additional places.

The people of Afghanistan are looking to Australia for help, and as the Australian military mission is called off for fear of further attacks, we ask Prime Minister Morrison to urgently work with the US President, Joe Biden, and other leaders to ensure their safe passage.