A Legacy of Hope

“Have you got a Will?” …

For many, this is still a pretty confronting and awkward question. The prospect of talking to family and loved ones about your wishes, arranging one with a solicitor, making difficult decisions are just a handful of reasons why more than half of Australian adults do not have a Will in place.

Having a Will that takes care of what matters most to you is incredibly important – it’s more than just a legal document. Organising your Will is a way to ensure that everything you have stood for in your life, everything you believed in and cared deeply about, lives on for the next generation.

Include A Charity Week (5-11 September) aims to raise awareness of the importance of having a Will, and the significant decision to include a charitable gift in your Will.

Remembering Amnesty in your Will is a very personal decision. It’s an important and lasting declaration of your values and beliefs that you and your loved ones can be proud of for a long time to come. Your gift can make sure that we have the sustainable support we need to continue to challenge injustice for generations to come.

“The most important thing I would say is that a gift in your Will to Amnesty International Australia will make an impact. Unfortunately, inequality continues to exist. But importantly, the conversation is much more elevated than it ever was. And that’s because of organisations like Amnesty, that just keep bringing it to the fore.”

Giles, Amnesty International supporter

Every person who makes this monumental decision builds new opportunities to create systemic nationwide – and worldwide – change. No matter the size of the gift, every Gift in Will is cherished and honoured through the progress we make each day towards a future where human rights are enjoyed by all.

Your vision – for a world where justice, equality, and freedom are enjoyed by everyone – continues when you leave a gift in your Will.


Safewill, Australia’s leading online Will writing platform, provides an accessible option for the 52% of Australians who don’t have a valid Will to protect the people and organisations that mean the most to them.

As part of Include A Charity Week 2022, Safewill is proud to offer all Amnesty International supporters the chance to write their bespoke Will absolutely free from 5-11 September.

You’ll be able to complete your own Will online in as little as 20 minutes, and have it reviewed by Safewill’s team to ensure it has been filled out correctly. Plus, you can make unlimited updates to your Will for a whole year completely free of charge.

To learn more and get started on your Will, head to Safewill between 5-11 September.