LGBTQI+ group petition handover at Greek consulate in Sydney.

Brisbane and Sydney-siders demand Justice for Zachie at Greek consulates

Almost 10,000 signatures have been handed to the Greek Consulates in Sydney and Brisbane as part of a global Amnesty International campaign demanding justice for murdered Greek LGBT activist, Zackie.

December 21 marks 15 months since Zackie was murdered. He was a tireless defender of the rights of LGBTI people and HIV-positive persons.

Video footage shows that Zackie was brutally beaten by two men after entering a jewelry shop in central Athens. Footage also shows police arriving and violently attempting to arrest Zackie who was dying on the ground. The video shows an officer forcefully driving his leg into his neck and another kicking him with equal force. According to the forensic report, Zackie died from the multiple injuries he sustained.

Amnesty International Australia campaigner, Nikita White said that justice has not been done for Zackie or his family, and the investigation has been long and problematic.

“Zackie and his family deserve justice. The investigation has been completed – even though delayed. Two civilians and four police officers have been charged with deadly bodily harm, but no indictment has been announced.

“Zackie was murdered, and this must be reflected in the charges and sentences,” said White.

“Australians have been shocked by Zackie’s case. People have taken action at Pride events around the country standing with Zackie’s family. We won’t stop fighting until an indictment is announced.”

9,211 Australians signed the petition demanding justice for Zackie. They are joined by nearly 70,000 around the world – from Switzerland to South Korea – who are handing over petitions to Greek authorities around the world.

The Amnesty International Australia LGBTQI Networks have also marched for Zackie at Sydney, Brisbane and Perth Pride events to bring attention to his case.