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COP27: Open letter to Minister for Climate Change Chris Bowen

Dear Minister Bowen

The climate crisis is a human rights crisis. Failure to limit the increase of global average temperatures within 1.5°C will be catastrophic for the human rights of people around the world, particularly for those already marginalised.

The UN Climate Change Conference 2022 will occur amid escalating climate, food and energy crises. As one of the world’s largest fossil fuel exporters, Australia has a vital role to play in ending the world’s dependence on fossil fuels.

COP27 is an excellent opportunity to show the world that the new Australian Government is committed to tackling the climate emergency. If Australia is serious about hosting a future COP with the Pacific Island nations, it has to demonstrate leadership at this year’s summit.

The decisions you, along with other world leaders, make in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, will have lasting consequences for all of humanity. Now is the time for rapid and bold action on climate change that puts people and human rights at its centre.

At COP27, we are asking the Australian Government to:

  • Commit to phasing out the production and use of all fossil fuels in a just and human rights-consistent transition for workers and communities, with the full participation of the most affected groups.
  • Review Australia’s 2030 emission reduction targets and ensure they align with the 1.5°C imperative.
  • Increase Australia’s contribution to global climate finance to less-wealthy countries for mitigation and adaptation measures to reach the 100 billion USD annual goal this year.
  • Commit dedicated and additional finance to loss and damage to people whose rights have been negatively impacted by climate change.

Read our full recommendations for COP27.

Amnesty International Australia

Climate change is and will continue to harm all of us unless governments take action. It’s essential that we hold those in power to account and demand action on one of the greatest human rights challenges of our time.

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