The cutest human rights defenders: And they're not even human!

Want more proof that dogs really are humans’ best friends? Check out these pups who want nothing more than equality, refugee rights and perhaps a belly scratch or two.

1. This fluffy fellow likes long walks in the park, the beach and having people seeking asylum treated fairly. Olly the Activist Dog is a bit of a Townsville celebrity for his action-taking!

2. Captain is really not happy about your wall, President Trump. Not happy at all.

3. ‘Wunderdog’ is pretty spot-on!

4. This pooch marches for tolerance, equality and doggie treats.

5. Knoll the whippet from South Australia tackles the high rates of Indigenous kids being sent to prison.

6. This Seattle pup is up for walkies for women’s rights; if necessary every week for the next four years.

7. May the paws be with you (oh yes we did!).

8. Look at those sad faces. These three really want rights for refugees.

9. We’re just going to leave you with this one.

Spotted this good boy at the #womensmarchlondon yesterday! #protestpupper

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