Political leaders must act on demands of striking students

Political Leaders Must Act on Demands of Striking Students

Amnesty International Australia is in full support of the action by students right across Australia on their #ClimateElection Day of Action on Friday May 3.

Extreme weather-related disasters and rising seas will destroy homes and ruin people’s ability to earn a living. And unless emissions are reduced significantly, around 600 million people are likely to experience drought and famine as a result of climate change. There’s a direct link between climate change and human rights, including the right to life, health, food, water and housing.

Amnesty International Australia campaigner Tim O’Connor said:

“Denied the formal opportunity to vote, these impressive young people are using their right to free expression to put pressure on politicians to not only take their concerns seriously, but to take action. School kids may be unable to vote in the upcoming Federal election but they are still engaging in the political process and making themselves heard.

“Action around the world is forcing Governments to wake up to the climate crisis. Just this week the UK Parliament has declared a climate change crisis following weeks of protests. Climate change is not a fringe issue, nor is it a debate. It is a very real and fundamental human-rights emergency that requires immediate action from our political leaders.

“We congratulate and stand in solidarity with the passionate and committed students in their call for immediate action on climate change.

“Amnesty, together with partners like Student Strike for Climate, are pressing governments and institutions like the UN to take urgent action on climate change. This isn’t about charity or aid, it’s about fundamental human rights.”