Engagement Strategy for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse People, Organisations and Communities

Purpose and vision

The purpose of this Engagement Strategy is to prioritise the participation, cultural safety, inclusion of, and collaboration and partnerships with culturally and linguistically diverse people, organisations and communities. This includes people and communities of African descent, people of colour and people who are asylum seekers or refugees. This strategy does not apply to Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people and communities. Please refer to the following link for the Engagement Strategy for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, organisations and communities.

Our vision is to create an inclusive, representative, accessible, connected and culturally-safe movement for staff, activists and community partners from a culturally and linguistically diverse background, including people of African descent, people of colour and people with a lived refugee or asylum seeker experience.

Themes and objectives

Our Engagement Strategy has four themes:

  • Culturally safe
  • Inclusive
  • Participation
  • Partnerships and collaboration

Culturally safe

To provide a culturally safe environment for staff, activists and volunteers from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds within Amnesty International Australia, and to increase our understanding and respect of the perspectives, skills and contributions of people from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds.


To increase the representation of culturally and linguistically diverse people across all levels of our movement and our governance structures.


To enable, and to remove barriers to, the full participation of people with lived experience in our work including through informing the development, delivery and evaluation of our work.

Partnerships and collaboration

To have strong, respectful, collaborative and positive partnerships and intercultural connections which inform our work and help us stand up together with culturally and linguistically diverse people and communities.