Amnesty International is holding a BBQ at Cotton Tree park to celebrate the launch of its Amnesty International Maroochydore group. Join a community of like-minded people in defense of human rights.

Join us for good BBQ eats, and the chance to sign a petition protecting human rights! The event is open to anyone who wants to meet like-minded people, those interested in learning more about Amnesty International’s history, and how this group will protect and promote human rights on the Sunshine Coast. This will be a great opportunity shape the Maroochydore group, and its impact on the surrounding community.

At the event there will be members from the University of Sunshine Coast Amnesty group who can help answer questions on what it means to be a member of Amnesty International and the message of Amnesty International. You can also learn about Amnesty’s current campaigns focused on:

  • Indigenous justice, and ending the over representation of Indigenous kids in Australian prisons
  • the rights of refugees
  • ending the death penalty
  • marriage equality

This event will focus on ‘gender and sexuality’ abuses in particular. Around the world governments are dictating the rights and wrongs for how to love, who to love, what to wear according to gender, how many children to have. While violence against women continues in all countries. This is the fight for the right to express gender and sexuality freely, and the right to make decisions for our own bodies.

Come learn about how to get involved in these campaigns and what these campaigns mean for the human rights movement, at home and abroad.

Nobel Peace Prize demonstration in Oslo, Norway, 10 December 2001. 1200 -1300 people gathered in Youngstorget, a square in the centre of Oslo. 1992 Nobel laureate Rigoberta Menchu, 1996 Nobel laureate Ramos-Hortas as well as former UN Special Adviser for Colombia Jan Egeland held appeals. The demonstration went on to the Grand Hotel in order to honour this years Nobel Laurate Kofi Annan. The slogans of the demonstration were 'United for peace and human rights' and 'No security without human rights'.


Cotton Tree Park

Cotton Tree Parade, Maroochydore, Queensland, Australia


April 20, 2017

6:00 pm

I want to attend