WORKSHOPS – over 2 days

Addressing Injustices / The Politics of community work – June 8th

This workshop invites CEO’s, Team Leaders, and interested others to explore how we can work for social justice in ways that resist contexts, language, and practices that perpetuate the very conditions we seek to address. In coming together, we will be invited to critically reflect on the connections and paradoxes between community work practice and the concept of social justice doing.

The Role of the Imperfect Ally in Social Justice Work – June 9th

“Our collective goal is not to be good allies, but to help everyone experience justice, co-creating a society in which allies would not be required” (V. Reynolds).

What is involved in the work of being an ally to communities who are targeted by a system that has not yet delivered on justice. These communities include LGBTI folk, racialized others, sex workers, injecting drug users, those who experience ableism, gender, and other forms of violence.

Event Contact

Xris Reardon

0428 293 008

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Battery Point Hall

Battery Point Community Centre, 52 Hampden Road, Battery Point, Tasmania, Australia


June 8, 2017

12:15 pm