For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people 26 January is a painful day that marks the start of colonisation.

Rodney Dillon, Palawa man and Indigenous Rights Advisor at Amnesty International Australia, puts it best: “26 January is a hard day for all of our mob. Aboriginal people always feel sad on Australia Day; it marks the end of freedom for our people.”

Sign up here to join Amnesty NSW as we march in solidarity with the Indigenous community. Let’s respect the survival and resilience of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people together.

On the day, Amnesty volunteers can help collect petitions for T.J. Hickey, calling for an inquiry into his death.

We will meet at 10.45am at the Yininmadyemi Memorial in Hyde Park, join the march and break off at the Amnesty stall at Yabun, where volunteers will also have an opportunity to help out at the Yabun stall.

Hope to see you there!

Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australians shaking hands in front of the Aboriginal flag


Hyde Park, Elizabeth St, Sydney NSW, Australia


January 26, 2019

10:30 am

I want to attend