Three singing groups will be performing, interspersed with talks from refugees. The performers are the indigenous groups ‘The Stiff Gins’ and ‘Freshwater’. The local choral group ‘Braidwood Cantors’ will also be performing.
Bede Carmody will attend and will bring Amnesty material. Amnesty Refugee Co-ordinator, Shankar Kasynathan will speak.
Sister Jane Keogh will bring Abbas, a refugee from Afghanistan, who will recite his poem and speak of his experiences. We are hoping that Jane will bring another refugee friend who will also speak.
There will be no admission charge and afternoon tea will be provided.
A collection will be taken up and the proceeds will be distributed to three different refugee groups.


National Theatre

Wallace Street, Braidwood NSW, Australia


June 24, 2018

2:00 pm