The Kabul Peace House is about a group of peace activists in Afghanistan who are taking great risks to work for what many believe is an impossible dream. This group of young male and female Afghans – led by a charismatic and idealistic man called Insaan – formed a multi-ethnic community, a microcosm of how a new Afghanistan could be: a place of peaceful coexistence, a nation without war that embraces the values of peace and humanity. This is a remarkable story, a rare glimmer of hope and optimism in a country which many predict is destined for many more years of conflict.

Mark Isaacs is an Australian refugee advocate, researcher, photographer, activist and acclaimed author whose work tends to focus on stories of conflict and displacement across the world. He takes us inside a remarkable and unlikely peace project in Kabul, where day-to-day life involves terror and extreme danger. He lives alongside courageous young people and reveals their personal stories of trauma and loss, their setbacks and struggles, and their small steps in making the world a better place.

For more information, please check Mark Isaacs’ website here.


Welcoming Centre

100 Drayton St, Bowden SA, Australia


June 24, 2021

6:30 pm

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