Manly Amnesty International Group invites you to join us in our annual Write for Rights letter night. Join other like minded people to write for the human rights of 6 individuals around the world, and to enjoy some food and drink at the same time. Each year we gather together for an enjoyable evening of action and camaraderie – and the satisfaction of knowing that we are part of a movement that is capable of saving lives.

Your actions have the power to make a difference.

Every year, real change happens because of Write for Rights.

From 2,326 letters in 1991 to 5.3 million letters, emails and petition signatures from around the world in 2022, Write for Rights has transformed the lives of over 100 people over the years.

Together, our voices are powerful enough to challenge injustice and change the world.

Venue: Manly Surf Lifesaving Club

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Email Caroline


November 29, 2023

6:45 pm