Our ARTillery network is a collection of artists from across the country who apply their creative talents for making change!
Traditional activism tactics, such as petitioning and rallies, have stood the test of time for a reason. When used in the right place at the right time it goes a long way toward winning your campaign. But when we use the same tactics again and again we run the risk of not reaching new audiences or our targets becoming de-sensitised to our activities.
That’s why we also need to think outside the box, which is where creative activism comes in. It can present the issue in a new light, inspire new people to get involved and catch your target off guard.
Join our webinar to check out Amnesty’s new guide on creative activism, get some tips on tactics you can use and discuss our national creative activism network, ARTillery. Anyone can be a creative activist and we’ll show you how.

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Andy Scott


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Activists spell out the word artillery with sparklers


April 11, 2017

7:00 pm

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