Write for Rights is our largest global campaign and brings millions of people together from around the world- because when we challenge injustice, we change lives.

Have a look at all of 2020’s Write for Rights cases here https://www.amnesty.org.au/campaigns/write-for-rights/

Then join us for the 10 days of action starting on the 1st of December and finishing on the 10th of December.

Each night will be hosted by an activist or a team of activists, focusing on a different case each night. There will be many different aspects on offer for you all, from letter writing, music performances and panel discussions. You have the option of attending one or more of the nights.

More importantly, it is an incredible opportunity to come together as a movement, remain connected to each other and collectively take action for human rights.

Day 6:Join the Victorian Activist Leadership Committee to hear all about what Amnesty International is, followed by Human Rights Trivia.

You will be able to take action for two Write for Rights Cases: Germain Rukuki-https://action.amnesty.org.au/act-now/w4r-germain-burundi
Idris Khattak-https://action.amnesty.org.au/act-now/w4r-idris-pakistan

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Margherita Mezzasoma


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Emelyne Mupfasoni, Germain's wife, holds a candle and her son, in a black shirt., in the other hand


December 6, 2020

7:30 pm

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