Amnesty International is made up of local action groups throughout SA, Australia and the world who work to promote and protect human rights.

We are an independent, grassroots movement of people who campaign courageously and persistently to protect and empower people – from abolishing the death penalty to protecting sexual and reproductive rights, and from combating discrimination to defending refugee rights.

In more than 150 countries worldwide, over seven million of us stand together for justice, freedom, human dignity and equality.

We are running regular Get Active sessions so that you can meet other Amnesty supporters face to face! Please note we will have the amazing National Youth Coordinator Naomi joining us for this session – this is why it is specifically directed at young people and people connected to our universities! If you don’t fit into these categories, come along to our Get Active with Amnesty – All Invited! session on the 15th February or contact us to find out more!

This is your chance to learn more about how we achieve change and to develop organising and activism skills to contribute to human rights impact this year!

Event Contact


08 8110 8108

Email Sandy


March 8, 2018

7:00 pm

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