At this 4 hour stall at the established Gold Coast Global Village Festival (a public event attended by a diverse community), we will be doing the following:

1. Presenting the Human Rights Act petition to sign, Raise the Age and any other petitions you recommend. Please send through the most up to date versions of the aforementioned petitions.

2. 1-2 members will present for 10 minutes on the Centre stage about Amnesty International Australia, and also do a short book excerpt reading. We will invite the public to our stall for at least 1-2 group reading sessions, with a focus on youth to build our member base, we can also do individual reading sessions

3. During the interactive reading times an Amnesty Volunteer will read the Amnesty children’s books to children, youth and adults, and we will encourage those aged 16-17 to apply for free AI membership (please provide the QR code for this). We will promote adults to sign up for Amnesty membership, buy the books online for themselves or as a gift to their children, or special occasions e.g. Birthdays, Christmas. This way when the children grow up, their book will hopefully serve as a prompt to join Amnesty as they have been educated from an earlier age.

4. During the reading sessions children can interact by talking, drawing and asking questions about the content of the books. Children can be engaged by being asked what does the story mean, and an example in their life of injustices they can identify e.g. discrimination or bullying at school, excluding some children based on race or ability etc. We can educate them that this isn’t okay, and it’s okay to stand up and talk to a trusted adult.

5. Presenting and reading Amnesty logo reading books on display (sourced online) – we request funding for these books of an estimated $100. We are able to re-use these books as reading materials for future stall events. The other future use of the books is to gift them for future Amnesty guest speakers at other events. It can be considered and documented that Amnesty members can borrow out books to read them between events but must return them at the next monthly meeting or prior to any events so they do not go lost or become unaccounted for.

6. We will be directing youth to Free Education Apps by Amnesty International
• Amnesty Academy app –
• Rights Arcade app –

7. We will be taking photos of the event (but can exclude children’s faces for privacy reasons)

We are receiving support for the event for printing materials, and as we are joining a community festival event, we have no anticipated venue expenses. If we have have any other reusable expenses e.g. book holders, stationary, reading mat, or consumable expenses e.g. refreshments etc, we can update Amnesty prior to the event as we will be discussing anything that comes up closer to the event 6 weeks away.

Event Contact

Gold Coast Amnesty

Email Gold Coast Amnesty


September 24, 2022

11:00 am