This is an event jointly held by Amnesty Southern group Tas, Rural Australians for refugees SE group and Equal Together.

The launch is a way of getting the community together to exchange ideas and discuss community and societal concerns.

Greg Barns is a barrister,author, political commentator and human rights activist.He teaches at RMIT law school and is chair of the Prisoners Legal Services.

To most of us, liberal values mean respect for openness, progress, tolerance and the rule of law. But in Australia, these values are increasingly under threat. It is not just on the fringes of our community or body politic that we find liberal values challenged. The decline of liberal values in this nation is also reflected by members of the conservative political force that ironically calls itself the Liberal Party. Additionally, our print and electronic media are dominated by partisan advocates for an Australia that is decidedly illiberal.

Event Contact

Sylvia Merope

0487 589 844

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Pagan Cider Cellar Door

7891 Channel Highway, Cradoc TAS, Australia


June 1, 2019

2:00 pm