Join us to gather in solidarity with all asylum seekers and refugees who have suffered as the result of policies and practices carried out by and on behalf of Australian governments, for 20+ years.

The vigil will feature speakers, musicians and poets
Music – Les Thomas
Reading – Arnold Zable
Poetry – Awale Ahmed

Mohammad Mousavi and other refugees detained in the Park Hotel, live by phone
Recently freed refugees Azizi & Hamed
Iranian refugee and former science teacher who is a Temporary Protection Visa (TPV) holder
Ali Mirzaei – refugee released from the Park
Taqi Azra – United Workers Union organiser and Hazara refugee
Anna Kingston – Amnesty Victoria Refugee Network
Chairs – Chloe De Silva & Lieke Janssen (RAC)

Some 46 Medevac refugees are still being held in the Park hotel-prison after more than 8 years, while dozens more who were transferred here from offshore are imprisoned elsewhere in Australia.

There are 239 refugees and asylum seekers held offshore by Australia – 109 on Nauru and 130 in Papua New Guinea. Those in PNG have been given a “”choice”” get shipped to Nauru, or remain in limbo in PNG.

They must all be freed and resettled with permanent visas either here in Australia or a suitable 3rd country option.

Australia must also begin resettling refugees who have been stuck in limbo in Indonesia for a decade, half of whom are Hazara refugees from Afghanistan, who have no prospect of return home. Australia has a responsibility for the situation in Afghanistan and must increase its intake of Afghan refugees to at least 20,000.

Event Contact

VIC Refugee Action Network

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Refugee Welcome March in London, September 2016. © Marie-Anne Ventoura/Amnesty International


Lincoln Square

701 Swanston Street, Carlton VIC, Australia


December 10, 2021

6:30 pm