Wherever we look, we are surrounded by images and news of human rights abuses, humanitarian crises and the human rights impact of climate change.

But thanks to fierce campaigning and people power we have also had some major human rights wins. In 2019, Amnesty and thousands of human rights supporters signed petitions, lobbied the Australian and Thai governments and gained the release of Hakeem Al Araibi who was imprisoned and at risk of deportation and torture. Egyptian journalist, Shawkan, who had been imprisoned since 2013 for photographing protesters, was also released following sustained campaigning by Amnesty and other human rights supporters. And decades of pressure from Amnesty and other human rights organisations to address the discrimination faced by Saudi women, has resulted in major reforms easing some of the major restrictions imposed on women, including allowing them the right to obtain a passport, register marriages, divorces, births and deaths, and to travel without permission from a male guardian.

Make 2020 the year in which you stand up and take action for human rights. Your words have power. Together, your actions make a difference.

Come and listen to Amnesty speakers who will share their passion and work, learn about Amnesty’s campaigns and most importantly how you can be a part of a global human rights movement that stands together and fights for justice and human rights for all.

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Leonie Alexander


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Albany Public Library

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January 18, 2020

2:00 pm

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