The University of Melbourne Amnesty International club is hosting a visit the Immigration Museum’s exhibition Stories from Detention.

About the exhibition:

The exhibit is developed by Behind The Wire: an oral history project working to document stories of the people who have sought asylum in Australia. Some have temporary protection visas, while some remain in detention on Manus Island. Come and explore one of Australia’s most complex issues, from a personal perspective.

Hearing first person accounts about immigration detention is crucial, in order to open our minds to their experiences. You can hear many stories: why they fled their homes, their journey for safety, their experiences in detention, and also their lives in Australia.

Details for our visit:

The Amnesty International club at the University of Melbourne invites all members to join us for a tour.

We will meet outside the Immigration Museum at 10:50am for an 11am start.

Entry is free with a concession card – otherwise, it is $14 entry.

Stories From Detention - Immigration Museum - this text is displayed on a background of a blue sky with white clouds.


Immigration Museum

400 Flinders Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000, Australia


May 13, 2017

11:00 am

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