Get updates on the BRAVE Individuals at Risk cases that we’re asking you to work on, details about how you can reach your community and campaign for these individuals and hear about our successes and new materials that are being developed for you.

These sessions will also you to share with us your feedback -what’s working and what’s not and what we can do better to help you.

Who’s invited to join these teleconferences?

Everyone interested in the BRAVE campaign.

How to join this meeting?

Our quarterly updates will be via teleconference. Please RSVP to any or all of the sessions you would like to attend:

Telephone 1800 896 323 followed by the meeting pin: 5484 957 743#. Please note that all phone calls will be charged at the rate determined by your provider.

For more information contact Anouska Teunen on or 0434 424 475

An illuminated lantern spelling brave at an Amnesty International Portugal stunt to free rights defenders in Turkey


July 2, 2018

7:30 pm

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