Join Amnesty NSW’s LGBTQIA+ network at the protest against Mark Latham’s harmful bill. We will be there handing out rainbow t-shirts. RSVP to let us know you’re coming!

This is an external event hosted by Community Action for Rainbow Rights. They say:

NSW parliamentarian Mark Latham’s “Parental Freedoms” bill will be up for committee hearing soon. The bill proposes a blanket ban on schools accommodating trans students, using their correct pronouns, or even mentioning the existence of transgender people. Teachers and counsellors would be immediately fired for doing so. This is is a disgusting transphobic attack, seeking to cohere and embolden a bigoted, right wing audience.

This is coupled with the news that vile sexist Christian Porter is reportedly preparing a third “religious freedoms” bill, attacking the rights of LGBTQI+ students and teachers under the cynical guise of religious freedom.

Community Action for Rainbow Rights have already led vibrant protests against Latham’s attacks, demonstrating opposition to his bills and any attack on the LGBTQI+ community. But the fight isn’t over – as long as Latham or any politician feels confident to spew their hate, we’ll be there to fight back. Join CARR on April 17 to say no the bills and no to transphobia!

NSW LGBTQI Network at the 2017 Mardi Gras Parade. © Cosmo Price


Taylor Square, Sydney

Taylor Square, Sydney NSW, Australia


April 17, 2021

1:00 pm

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