Being gay in Chechnya can get you abducted, tortured and possibly killed. We have verified reports that more than forty gay and lesbian men and women have been rounded up by Chechen authorities, held and tortured in government buildings. Two people have been killed in the past month.

March with the 78ers and Friends, Amnesty International Australia and many others, in solidarity with the Chechen LGBT community.

We will March from Taylor Square to the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Holocaust Memorial at Green Park, Darlinghurst.

Senator Mathias Cormann will be in Davos for the World Economic Forum on the same day as this rally.

We are calling on Cormann to represent us. At this moment when the world is listening, condemn the Chechen authorities, call for the immediate release of those detained and on Russian authorities to bring those responsible to justice.

A high-level Russian delegation, and possibly President Putin himself, will be in Davos. They need to feel the pressure of the world’s condemnation, the guilt of governing over the torture and murder of these Chechens, and to be forced to act.

Can’t attend? Join us in calling for action by signing the petition online.


Taylor Square, Darlinghurst NSW, Australia


January 23, 2019

6:30 pm

I want to attend