All over the world people, especially women and gender diverse people are experiencing violations of their human rights, and all over the world people are standing up to protect them. We must hear their voices, and we must pay attention.

This exhibition and campaign seeks to challenge the concept of giving a voice to the voiceless and instead recognising everyone has a voice but not necessarily a platform. Through this exhibition we hope to play a part in making the ‘invisible’ visible. Opening night will include a small function and interactions between the artists and their art.

The exhibition will run for 3 weeks, with limited opening times due to one of the short films having been selected for an international festival – make sure to see it first here! A few events will run throughout the exhibition.

On November 4th the Amnesty Feminist Network will host an event to discuss the importance of making the invisible visible, with speakers to be confirmed. On November 5th, the Amnesty Feminist Network will host an open meeting where you can learn more about the group, and get involved in making the future feminist.

Event Contact


Email Kathryn


October 26, 2023

5:00 pm