Fifteen years ago, a young man named Witek met a young woman named Joanna at a festival in Warsaw, Poland. Joanna had just returned from traveling through Africa, where she’d seen activists organising 24-hour marathon events to protest government’s abusing human rights. Witek invited Joanna to a meeting of his local Amnesty action group, and they decided to organise their own 24-hour marathon.

Every year since, tens of thousands of Amnesty supporters, all around the world, have taken millions of actions to combat injustice.

In 2018 we will take action for women persecuted because they stood up and spoke out for human rights; women in prison because they attended a peaceful protest in Iran, attacked with acid because the stood up for LGBTQI rights in Ukraine, and murdered because the stood up for human rights in Brazil.

Get Active in November will be focused on our Write for Rights campaign! The evening is a platform for each individual’s journey into activism and human rights. Do you want to learn some activism skills? Do you want to meet like-minded people and network with Amnesty staff and volunteers? Then this is the event for you!

If you want to be involved in human rights activism, Get Active is the perfect way to introduce yourself to Amnesty NSW and find out about volunteering opportunities. This is the opportunity for you to experience Amnesty NSW, ask questions, learn about our work – and have some food.

Discover what you want to do and what can you do!

Get Active!


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Community Engagement Team

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NSW Action Centre

Amnesty International Australia, Myrtle Street, Chippendale NSW, Australia


November 14, 2018

6:00 pm

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