Amnesty NSW’s next Social Change Lab will be on the topic of structure! This SCL will also include the NSW Branch AGM (BAGM).
This SCL will split groups up into their level of activism and will cover:
– For those new to Amnesty – Amnesty 101 + What is Organising
– For current activists – What is Organising + Group Structure
– For Convenors/Organisers – Region Structure + Structuring Teams
After these workshops we will move into BAGM! The Branch AGM is great way to get the insider info into Amnesty Australia and its workings. BAGM will cover AIA Governance discussions, national updates, regional awards, BAGM elections, and the AI Global Activism Report.
We encourage everyone to attend and get involved! And we encourage all financial members (those who pay to be an Amnesty member) to vote and elect at BAGM. There will be plenty to talk about and we would love your input! There will also be plenty of people to explain what’s going on, so don’t worry if you’re unsure! Remember, BAGM is also where we announce candidates to the National AGM (NAGM) so be sure to come along if you’re interested in how Amnesty operates!
Individuals who are not on the membership list as of 12 May 2017 will not be entitled to vote
To find out more about the Branch Committee, please email Carol King at or find out here:
To become a paid member of Amnesty please visit
At each BAGM, we hand out two awards; the June Fassina Award and the Youth Activism Award. The June Fassina Meritorious Service award goes to an Amnesty activist who has been an active member of the Amnesty Australia community for a long period of time. The Youth Activism Award recognises the efforts of a young activism in NSW and their dedication to Amnesty NSW.
June Fassina Nomination:
Youth Activism Award Nomination:
A line of young impassioned women protesting at a rally with raised fists and megaphones. The women are outlined by yellow lines.


Amnesty International Action Centre

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May 20, 2017

9:00 am

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